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The Trifecta Brand Check-in

Business is in motion, changing faster than ever before. We are all feeling the pressure to keep pace, and get noticed. Is your brand broadcasting for success?

With a world that is transforming so fast: changing technology, new service capabilities, new product materials, the influence of social media, just to name a few, it is essential to evaluate your brand on a regular basis to make sure it is keeping pace and agile enough for this ever-changing environment.

This regular check-in doesn’t need to be a exhaustively comprehensive re-brand, that more thorough rebranding I speak about in a previous designmeister post, Refresh Your Brand!. This conversation is more about a quick check-in that I recommend clients to do on a regular basis.


So, what is the Quick Trifecta Brand Check-in?

Sometimes we need a little check-in to assure we are executing the brand according to strategy, as well as keeping pace with consumer expectations.

So, I ask my clients to name:
1. Three words to describe your company credo.
2. Three words to describe how you want your customer base to perceive your company.
3. Three words to describe how is your company is moving forward and evolving with the waves of change.

Item #1: Foundation / Core Credo
These foundation beliefs most possibly never change. If you find that these first three words are reshaping themselves, then it may be time for a Brand Refresh! But what is important here is that these are the core company beliefs. Don’t let the marketplace define you, it is essential that you define who you are and with honesty and integrity and the customer base will follow.

Item #2: Perception
This is the heart of the quick Trifecta Brand Check-in. A mismatch between brand core strategy and execution can be confusing to clients, creating a decline in brand value, and therefore brand loyalty. A confirmation of previously set target objectives of brand strategies while still keeping hold of your core beliefs and personality is the objective here. So, we need to make sure that brand execution is performing at it’s strongest to ensure desired customer perception.

Item #3: Agility
In this fast-moving marketplace, we need the create agility within your daily approach to your brand. We want to relay a freshness while never loosing your core credo. This helps us evaluate if your company is listening to the needs of the marketplace and meeting the now and future needs of your customer base.


The Next Step

So, once we have these nine defining words, we look at your brand as see if things are matching up. By dividing this brief analysis into Foundation, Perception, and Agility, we can then evaluate the performance of your brand to confirm if all these areas are broadcasting for success.

Success within this fast-changing marketplace today is all about continuing a core foundation strategy that reflects your company solidity with congruent brand execution, while propelling a forward motion that is fresh and relevant.