May 21, 2020 Category:

Riding the Wave

In this time of economic uncertainty, what position should your company brand take in a time of crisis?

  1. Focus on Your Foundation Philosophy
    Back to your roots. Your base customers have stuck with you through the hard times because of the ideology that you established back in the beginning. Recapitulate on those foundation principals, your core beliefs.
  2. Be Authentic
    Projecting authenticity in your brand is essential during times of crisis. Bring in the compassion element and let your heart have bearing in your message. This is the time to bring in the human element of your brand. The human element should always be present in your brand, but now is the time to let it shine.
  3. Adapt to the Change
    Post crisis we will need to navigate from a global perspective to a local perspective; creating a stronger sense of community through a domestic presence. We will not be returning to the traditional ways of business. Some of the products that you have in your repertoire are going to have to go to the wayside. Do not fret. Use this as an opportunity for innovation. A repositioning is essential here. What niche that is not being met can be filled by your product offerings? That new product you have been holding back on, this could be the perfect time to reveal your reshaping with new methods, new devices.

We are all ready for the new. Don’t feel like you have to “stay in your lane.” This is a time to revitalize and refresh for success.